Cape Cod Polishing Economy Tin

The Combo Set G will provide you with everything required (Clean, Polish & Buff) to remove any scuff or scratch caused by normal wear and tear.

Keep all your precious metals clean with a mirror shine and protected from tarnishing. Great for your Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper, Nickel, Pewter, Aluminum, Titanium and all types of Stainless Steel.

Economy Tin consist of:

► 12 x Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths (4" X 6")
► 1 x Cape Cod Buffing Cloth
► 1 x pair of reusable nitrile gloves to keep hands clean
► 1 x Cape Cod Limited Edition Decorative Metal Tin

Need a proven solution to polish all your fine metals without the harsh chemicals?

► To POLISH your luxury watches such as Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer , Longines, Philippe Patek, Seiko, Montblanc, Maurice Lacroix, Cartier & Ball?

► To PROTECT & MAINTAIN finishes of E-Cigarette, Vape, Atomizer, Cartomizer, Clearomizer, Telescopic Mod, Astro Mod, Tank, Vaporizer & Drip Tips so that they perform at their best?

► To ELIMINATE BLEMISHES on your precious antiques & collectibles: Ancient coins, Plaque, Figurine, Cufflink, Flute, Ornament, Chain, Keris & etc?

► To REMOVE SCRATCHES & SWIRLS on your jewellery - ring, necklace & bracelet: Thomas Sabo, Pandora, Tiffany, Platinum?

► To RESTORE SHINE, SPARKLE & GLOSS finishes of your beautiful cutlery, tea set, metalware, silverware & flatware?

Revitalize all your precious metal with polished or mirror finishing.

Not to mention any other kind of metal! These delightful, vanilla-scented polishing cloths can be used over and over to replenish and renew. Specifically designed - with twenty-five years experience - to clean, polish and protect; these cloths contain a versatile polish which is perfect for any metal from gold to stainless steel!

For brilliant shine, simply rub the polish on and buff it off – what could be easier? And Cape Cod cloths contain a specially designed anti-tarnishing formula, so your metal stays protected in its brilliance.

Made in the USA